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High-Performance Coaching:
A Tool for Change

What Is High-Performance Coaching?

High-Performance Coaching is a sharply focused intervention that helps key performers find efficient ways to change.

Situations Organizations Face
Facing the demands of the future requires making changes with speed and flexibility. People continue to improve at gaining knowledge about customers and markets, keeping up with technology, and developing analytical skills. However, they often lag behind on the people side, including looking at the impact of their own behavior on the business.  
Do you have leaders/executives or high-potential performers in your organization who are important contributors but have little awareness of how their behavior has negative effects or do not know what to do about it? It could look like any one of the following scenarios:
  • They have taken on new responsibilities and found the transition difficult.

  • They continue with behavior that does not fit the new culture and values.

  • They are expected to replace internal competition with cross-functional collaboration.

  • They get the results, but few people want to work with them.

  • They should be promoted, but their style is not a good fit for the next level.

  • They and others receive complaints from their customers, subordinates, or peers.

  • They are consumed by the complexity of their changing job.

  • They are intent on bettering themselves and want the best “training.”

  • They resist important change initiatives.

Implications of the Situations

The implications for both the organization and the individual when these kinds of behavior and style issues are not resolved can be serious. Organizations may find that

“Pat Ruzich is the most effective executive coach I have experienced, and I have met and worked with many executive coaches. What sets Pat apart from all the others is her intuitive ability and skills to identify the issues preventing an executive from being highly effective. Not only can she drill down to the issues, but she works with an individual to define realistic actionable plans that can be put into place with visible results.

—Janet R. Sichterman
Vice President,
North American Fleet Sales
Bandag, Incorporated

  • Their people are not able to fully support the new vision, values, and culture when behavior that represents the “old” is tolerated.

  • They cannot change with greater speed and flexibility than the competition.

  • They are not fully leveraging the learning from assessments and 360º feedback.

  • Results are achieved, but relationships are damaged.

  • Productivity, customer satisfaction, and morale suffer.

Individuals may find that

  • They are not considered for promotions commensurate with their contribution and skill.
  • They do not have a clear enough picture to understand their part in the current problems.
  • They work harder doing what worked in the past with little improvement in today’s problems.

  • They have difficulty handling confrontation and conflict.

  • They are reluctant to delegate the details to others.

Pat is quite good at what she does. She helped me examine what prevented me from making the change I wanted. With her coaching, I was able to identify and understand the obstacles I put in my way, then I knew what to do.

—Michelle M. Montgomery
Schwartz, Cooper,
Greenberger & Krauss

Solution: High-Performance Coaching
High-Performance Coaching is a sharply focused brief or extended intervention that helps key performers find efficient ways to change. The high-performance coach can help people
  • Identify and address the “rough edges” in their working style.

  • Better understand the underlying conflicts that limit their effectiveness.

  • Try out new behaviors to excel in their work environment.

  • Manage a difficult person or situation effectively.

  • Improve their leadership approach with a broader focus including getting results through others.

  • Step back, assess, and refocus in the middle of complexity.

  • Tap their values and beliefs to increase personal effectiveness.

  • Change their professional self-concept to fit their new, broader role.

High-Performance Coaching Services

Ruzich Consulting offers a wide array of coaching services customized to the needs of the client organization and the individual.

“Pat came in and rather than telling me how I should behave, she made me more aware of my surroundings and taught me how to assess my surroundings to become more effective. 

—Alison Deans
Senior Vice President,
Corporate Banking CFO
Bank One

Preparing for High-Performance Coaching

Participation is voluntary. Sessions are confidential while using outside sources to validate issues and results. Preparation for coaching includes

  • Identifying the goals for coaching

  • Committing to allocating time for coaching meetings

  • Being willing to learn about themselves and others

  • Trying out new behaviors between coaching meetings

  • Being curious about the impact of their behavior

Outcomes and Benefits of High-Performance Coaching

As a result of High-Performance Coaching, you can expect

  • Expert support to help address sensitive issues

  • Changed behavior leading to increased effectiveness

  • Immediate help and relief in tense situations

  • Increased speed and flexibility in responding to change

  • Greater creativity from the high performers

  • A tailored approach for the specific needs of the high performer


For your convenience, we have provided a PDF version (viewable by Adobe Acrobat Reader) of the High-Performance Coaching: A Tool for Change brochure for you to download and print out to read at your leisure—just click here.

If you do not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to take you to Adobe's Web site to download the program for free.

Confidentiality and Commitment are essential to successful coaching.

A brief phone consultation with Pat Ruzich will help you determine if a situation you are facing can be addressed successfully through High-Performance Coaching.

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