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What Is an Executive Coaching System?

It is a comprehensive approach to coaching that balances individual executive development with developing organizational capability in the context of business strategy.

The Business Need: A Fast-track Way to Make a Difference Quickly

  • More and more businesses are rededicating themselves to leadership succession management and leadership development to fill their need for qualified leaders.

  • There is an increasing emphasis on assessing individual competence and performance and tailoring development plans to meet the specific growth needs of individuals for their current and future potential assignments.

  • A coaching system is one very powerful, fast-track way to focus on individual development needs and make a measurable difference quickly.

Key Features of a Fast-track Coaching System

  • Focused on developing individual capability to achieve defined business goals

  • Linked to succession management, performance management, career management, talent reviews, 360º feedback, and other assessment systems

  • Defined coaching process and coaching support process

  • Trained internal and external coaches at several levels

  • Coaching engagement linked to specific goals that are agreed to by Coachee and Sponsor

  • Defined responsibilities for the Manager, Sponsor, and Mentor (if any) of the Coachee

  • Clearly defined communications flow, while preserving confidences, between Coach, Coachee, and Sponsor throughout the process

Benefits: Leadership Capabilities Are Powerful Determiners of Business Success

  • Rapid change with measurable results

  • Economical use of the Coachees’ time with little performance interruption

  • Customized to organizational and individual needs



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