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From Conflict to Collaboration

What happens when talented people lock horns? The business loses.

As business change accelerates, disputes over resources and roles will increase. Conflict is a natural byproduct of a rapidly changing environment in which workers experience more interpersonal friction. We are counting on these people to work together using the best combination of their talents to solve problems, make decisions, lead the organization, and meet customer needs.

We all know people who have great individual talent, but in certain situations or with specific people, they just can’t seem to work effectively together. Oftentimes the individual with the conflict and those around them cannot figure out the causes of the conflict nor find appropriate remedies, except to eliminate the conflict by organizationally separating the individuals.

More and more managers are frustrated when their talented people lock horns. In those cases when a manager’s involvement is not enough to move the situation quickly from conflict to collaboration, then the involvement of a third-party consultant can often make the necessary shift.

Pat Ruzich works closely with managers who have identified conflict situations in which the talents of individuals need to be released from the horns of conflict in order to serve the business needs again.

Shifting from Conflict to Collaboration

Symptoms of Conflict Symptoms of Collaboration
Win-lose battles Workable agreements
Undercutting Open disagreement
Fighting Dialogue
Gossip Issues on the table
Picking at weaknesses Building on strengths
Fear Courage to address issues
Distrust Cautious optimism
Anger and frustration Optimism and hope
Focusing on what is wrong Focusing on what is possible

Conflict Management Interventions

Pat has a track record of quickly getting to the root of most conflicts. She works with the players individually and together to surface the “real” issues and help them invent desirable options while examining how they can support the changes they want. Maintaining the players’ future relationship is always one of the goals.


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