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High-Performance Leadership Coaching

The Value Proposition

Corporations are recognizing that in today’s world, developing leadership talent is one of the keys to business success. They are increasingly engaged in talent reviews, performance reviews, 360º feedback, and other forms of assessment that result in developing plans that are custom tailored to the individual.

Our twelve-month coaching engagement fits into this picture as a highly customized way to call out the individual leader’s specific talents that are defined by the demands of the business. The entire engagement is focused on what the leader must become in order to maximize the performance of the organization and the individual.

While high-performance leadership coaching is customized to the demands of the business and the unique individual talents of leaders, the results impact the team, the organization, and the bottom line.

The Approach

We start the engagement process by conducting an assessment of the specific business context and developing a future picture of the client as a high-performance leader. We do this by interviewing the sponsor, usually in the client’s leadership chain; reviewing other assessment data; and interviewing other key people identified normally by the client and sometimes by the sponsor. These assessments are custom designed for each individual situation. They do take into account data from standard assessments already conducted or prescribed when the individual situation requires it.

The result of the assessment is a clear focus on coaching outcomes that will enable the client to leverage their unique talents to maximize their future contribution to the business. These outcomes become the basis of the coaching contract between the client, sponsor, and coach. Because they are very specific, they form the basis for future discussions to fine-tune successful implementation of the outcomes.

The coaching consists of regular, intense individual work between the client and coach that usually takes the form of a two-hour, in-person session backed up by phone and e-mail contact. In these sessions, the client and coach work to remove barriers and design strategies that the client will try out and alter in the real-world context. Small changes usually begin very soon after coaching begins with major shifts occurring at several points along the path.

Twice during the twelve-month process and once at the end, we go back to the sponsor and other interviewees to get independent confirmation of changes they have observed and the impact of the changes on the business.

The Results

The coaching relationship ends after identifying the strategies that made the biggest difference and celebrating the many successes—both the measurable successes based on the feedback of others and the hard-to-measure successes so important to personal change. We have found that this comprehensive process has a high-sustained success rate.


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