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Brief High-Performance Coaching

While long-term coaching, twelve months or six months, is the preferred approach to most leadership development situations, there are times when a brief, sharply focused contract is appropriate. The situation calling for this brief high-performance coaching typically involves very specific business situations and specific desired changes on the part of the coaching client. There is usually some sense of urgency behind the need.

This brief coaching has a high success rate when the sponsor of the coaching client is able to identify a few (one or two) desired outcomes that are very clearly defined so additional assessment is not necessary. Also, the coaching client acknowledges their need to address the desired outcomes and is committed to the coaching process. Usually the sponsor and coaching client have a good working relationship and see coaching as a positive approach to accelerated professional development. The sponsor commits to two meetings; a midpoint meeting to support changes and give feedback, and an end-point meeting to celebrate success and plan the next steps to sustain success.

Stages of Brief High-Performance Coaching

Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Feedback and
Stage 3:
Stage 4:
  • Consult with the sponsor
  • Understand the organizational context
  • Sponsor identifies desired outcomes
  • Set the stage for coaching
  • Conduct self-evaluation
  • Review feedback from others
  • Gather additional data if needed
  • Conduct six, two-hour coaching sessions
  • Add clarity and substance to issues
  • Identify the high performer’s goals
  • Develop and apply success strategies to eliminate blocks
  • Try out new thought and behavior patterns
  • Activate skills from past successes
  • Conduct three-month follow-up with the high performer
  • Follow up with the sponsor to support changes

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