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Beautiful Scenery
The resort’s thirty acres sit right on Rock Creek nestled in the Beartooth Mountains at 5,764 ft elevation. Trees create a canopy as you explore the Montana wilderness. A variety of wildlife including deer, rabbits, birds, moose, elk, and occaisional bears roam the countryside. The quiet sanctuary of this location will sooth your soul and provide the ultimate escape from the daily hustle and bustle.
Luxurious Accomodations
Rustic elegance in a beautiful lodge setting. Rock Creek Resort has very comfortable accommodations in a five star location right on Rock Creek within a beautiful canyon. If you are looking for a true escape where you can relax and revive your senses…this is the place! 
Shared Group Space
Through your stay there is access to our group space, that has all the comforts of home including comfortable seating, a full kitchen for your favorite treats, and a balcony overlooking the mountains and the facility's large water feature. Make yourself comfortable!
Artfully Prepared Meals
The Culinary experts at Rock Creek Resort will be preparing 5 star meals for every meal during your stay. Each meal will be geared toward fueling the healing process. 

Center Features

  1. Pool and Hot Tub
    There is a heated pool area you will have access to throughout your stay. With large windows overlooking the creek and stone walls climbing to the tall ceilings, this a perfect place to relax. Don't forget to soak in the jetted hot tub to ease your body and mind.
  2. Sauna
    Let your tension melt away in the heat of the Sauna. Smells of cedar will fill your senses and the penetrating steam will help you release whatever may be holding you down.
  3. Fine Dining
    5 Star meals provided in the Beautiful Old Piney Dell restaurant along the water front. Allow Eric Traeger and his staff prepare not only nutritious, but also mouth watering dishes for you.
  4. Gym Equipment
    Keep your body tuned in and strong with the gym equipment at the facility. There is no need to miss your routine fitness while you are here.
  5. Hiking Trails
    Trails along the creek and around the 30 acres of the facility. The trails are easy for all physical abilities and boast beautiful views.
  6. Creek Side Location
    Enjoy watching the water roll by through the valley. Rock Creek Resort sits right along the riverside and has a bridge where you can take it all in. Listen the water gurgle beside you.
  7. Reflection Pool
    In the middle of the facility a large reflection pool is accessible with a large water feature. Enjoy time in the grass with the smells of the flower beds while you take time for yourself.
  8. Outdoor Recreation
    Whether you like hiking, walking, volleyball, or horse shoes, during the summer months there are lots of outdoor activities for you to enjoy.
  9. Scenic Views
    Look deep up the canyons and around at the lush landscape and get lost in the pristine beauty of the Beartooth Mountains.
  10. Luxurious Rooms
    Relax and enjoy the rooms that have large comfortable beds, full baths, and all the amenities you enjoy at home. These rooms are tastefully designed with the rustic elegance of Montana in mind.

Rooms are held and discounted for the participants of Journey to Wholenesss. 
Contact Rock Creek Resort by calling  406-446-1111 or
and ask for the Journey to Wholeness Rates. 

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