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Shortcuts to Change is a workshop based on a proven method that leads to rapid long-term personal change. This approach is simple but radical and is an integration of principles from therapy, coaching, and organizational development. Change professionals; coaches, mentors, and others, have been excited about the impact of this approach with clients and on their own personal development.

Shortcuts to Change offers a framework in the form of a simple road map that invites travelers to begin their journey leading to personal change. The Map offers a place to start, a sense of direction, and a way to explore a large map so that what is needed can show up. Movement is encouraged with specific questions at each location on the map (Present, Future, Past, and Balcony). This practical methodology helps both travelers (clients) and guides (professionals) to operate from a higher Self leading to natural healing and change. The workshop develops skills in turning Roadblocks into Shortcuts. Through readings, mini-lectures, examples, demonstrations, exercises, and practice with feedback, a participant will experience this change process. The workshop also includes a workbook which will have chapters from a forthcoming book and worksheets for each segment, along with PowerPoint materials from lectures.
  • Professionals who coach, mentor and develop people
  • Professionals with a focus on their own development
  • Coaches and Mentors
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Consultants
  • Managers who value staff development
  • High Potential individuals and groups
  • Professional Development for high performers

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