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​  We live in times that require us to be fully and courageously who we are.
As a life coach I serve as a journey guide for people on their unique path of discovery toward the truth of who they are, moving into wholeness. Coaching people continues to be my path to wholeness.

People join in a coaching relationship with me for many reasons. Sometimes they have a clear goal, other times there is something in them that is trying to wake up that has captured their attention. Explore the hints, signs and wake-up-calls and, together, we seek out new perspectives and deeper understandings. With renewed clarity and tapping into personal resources that have been temporarily hidden by struggle, they often find the courage to take action towards what they want in life.  ​

Coaching sessions are scheduled to meet your needs and can be in person or by phone.

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  1. Julie Miller, Community Relations Director
    “Pat employed a variety of techniques to distill the essence of what I was after – moments of clarity that helped propel me into action”
  2. Monica Rinderer, California
    “I can't overestimate how helpful Pat's process was to me when I consulted her on a situation in my life. I gained an entirely new perspective and view of ways to deal with the problem. It was eye-opening and life-changing. If you get a chance to work with Pat, do it!”
  3. Nancy Apperson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
    “Pat is a talented clinician, coach, and teacher. I could count on Pat to give me effective feedback that brought clarity to my situation. Recently she taught me her Process for Change. First I experience the process and then used the process with my clients. Her process consistently assisted people move beyond whatever was interfering with their growth and ability to clarify and reach their goals.”
  4. Lynn Tarnoff, Madison, Wisconsin
    “Knowing Pat is a gift. Being in Pat’s presence is a privilege. Working with Pat is life changing. From coaching to journey guide, in workshops or in individual sessions, Pat blends professionalism, extensive training, practical life experience and authenticity to create unique, individual journey experiences. Whatever your journey, Pat can guide you in your next steps to wholeness. I can’t wait to work with her again!”
  5. Alexis M Adams writer and contributor to Scientific American, The Boston Globe, National Geographic Traveler, AFAR, Oxford University Press, and many others. Featured in The New York Times for "solutions-oriented" journalism.
    "Pat not only helped me envision my life and career goals, she helped me make solid strides toward accomplishing them. Without her wisdom and guidance--which is an extraordinary mix of professional, personal, even spiritual advice and insight--I am not sure I would have the bylines and editorial connections I so enjoy today, or that I would have confidence that serves me daily."