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Every Day Starts with Your Journey
The Journey to Wholeness retreat offers a path that leads us toward the truth of ourselves. The path is guided by a simple roadmap and trust in your body to be a compass that points us toward our next steps. Pat’s expert guidance helps keep us on our true path. 

Change is Calling You
There is something in the human soul that calls us to our inner wholeness. Listen to your soul's calling and begin your own guided Journey to Wholeness because inviting wholeness offers harmony in the present and movement towards a fulfilling future.
How this Retreat is Different
This retreat is designed so every service and activity is integrated for the highest good of each participant.
You will experience a community spirit of relaxation and caring.
Take a journey within yourself to find what is truly calling you. The experience will release you from  the distractions of your daily life and identify what your direction is meant to be.
Your roadblocks are part your path of discovery. We will listen to them, learn from them, and offer them what they need.
Nourish your mind, body, and soul as you immerse yourself in a caring community by nature. 

Your Experience

Immerse yourself in a nurturing community at Rock Creek Resort.
Everything is taken care of for you so you can focus on yourself. The activities have been designed for a
holistic experience and they are integrated to keep the focus on you.

Your week will include:

  1. Journey to Wholeness Workshop
    Work with Pat Ruzich to identify and achieve your goals for the retreat and learn the skills to continue your journey past the retreat.
  2. Nourishing Food
    Each day all meals are provided by the culinary team at Rock Creek Resort; each meal is geared towards fueling the healing process.
  3. Luxurious Accomodations
    You will reserve your room at Rock Creek Resort for your stay. Each room is designed with the rustic essence of the mountains that surround the facility. Amenities include: a pool, gym equipment, and a sauna.
  4. Reflection and Relaxation
    Each day you will have time to venture down your path alone to reflect on and absorb your experience.
  5. Bathing in Nature
    Take guided hikes and escape to a world of nature and experience the beauty of Montana. From the river that rambles by the resort, the towering trees, wildlife rambling, and the breathtaking Beartooth Mountain Range, you are engulfed in raw beauty.
  6. Meditation
    Center yourself and open your mind through group and guided meditation. The practice of meditation is a skill that will be developed for each individual and keeps your mind clear for change.
  7. Daily Yoga
    Connect your soul and your body with daily yoga instruction.
  8. Shared Space
    24 hour access to our shared room that has amenities such as a kitchen, living space, TV, and views from the balcony.
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Enjoy the vibrant community and landscape of the Red Lodge Area. Only 62 miles from Yellowstone National Park, take an adventure over the Beartooth Highway, and truly immerse yourself in the beauty of Montana. Explore Red Lodge's charming community filled with shops, dining, parks, outdoor recreation, and annual events. 
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